Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Exclaim!: Redman/Mad Child/In The Raw Concert Review

Caught Redman with the diminuitive cracker Mad Child on Sunday and they tore it down. Red has an incredible amount of energy and enthuiasm for a 41 year old, he just looks like he's having a good time 24/7. Most importantly, he played "I'll Bee Dat"...but not before he led the crowd in shouting "Fuck you Redman". God bless him.
Click the excerpt below for the whole megillah.

"How many of y'all remember '92?" Red inquired before launching into "Time 4 Sum Aksion," prompting instantaneous moshing and fist-pumping. Newer Red/Method Man tracks "City Lights" and the Saukrates-assisted "A-Yo" got equally warm reception. Red then demanded the audience shout "Fuck you Redman" before deigning to play the chest-rattling punchline fest "I'll Bee Dat."

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