Monday, 31 October 2011

Kicking It In Rock Creek Park

 Been busy with a few reviews lately, but I'm most proud of the one I wrote for Oddisee's Rock Creek Park. It's without a doubt one of the strongest records I've heard this year, a warm autumn bike ride through hazy memories of growing up. Even if you're not from D.C., you'll feel this one.

Oddisee makes beats like the Impressionists created oil paintings: sampled snippets tucked into lush live instrumentation and broad swathes of strings mingling with nimble bass lines. From the roller disco groove of "Uptown Cabaret" to the horn-powered Chicago soul of "Skipping Rocks," he makes it all sound of one place. Rock Creek Park is perfect for the late autumn haze, but like any fond memory, it'll only improve with time.

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