Friday, 15 April 2011

It's just slang rap democracy

Just reviewed Raekwon's live show over at Exclaim! Rae was one of the few rappers who returned to where he started and it benefitted him. Was surprised to see a lot of people there knew all the words to the OBCL2 material. Nice to see. Click the excerpt below to read the whole thing.
"How many of y'all fuck with real hip-hop?" Raekwon shouted as he took to the Ritual stage a few minutes past midnight. Clad in a military jacket and a Yankees cap, the Wu-Tang MC began his set with his star-making verse from "C.R.E.A.M.," which the energized crowd shouted word for word. Backed by a DJ and hypeman, Rae blazed through a succession of early Wu highlights, from the murky bass of "Da Mystery of Chessboxing" to his vivid opening verse on "Can It All Be So Simple." Every few songs, the DJ cut the beat and Rae freaked it a cappella to the delight of the crowd. The hypeman commanded the audience to chant Wu-Tang and they complied without hesitation, throwing their W's in the air.
Highlight of the night: seeing a girl recite Ghostface's absolutely filthy verse on "Jihad" verbatim. That's probably someone's wifey, damn!

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