Thursday, 28 April 2011

Everything Was Going According To Plan, Man

That line above breaks my heart every time I hear it. RIP Subroc.
I wrote about Stones Throw's crazy deluxe remastered reissue of Operation: Doomsday in the May issue of Exclaim! Yup, it comes with a DOOM lunchbox, take a gander.
Peep the "?" video above on the direct link for some cool director's commentary from director Piston Honda.
Apparently the original DOOM mask was created by Lord Scotch aka KEO aka Jonathan Lethem's brother (read The Fortress of Solitude, it tells Scotch's story), using a mask from Kane from WWE. Something like this, probably.

Pitchfork's Ian Cohen summed up Operation: Doomsday pretty well if you haven't heard it. Read Icy On Purpose, basically.

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  1. Chris showed me that MF doom song recently, its fucking awesome


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