Monday, 14 February 2011

Best hand gestures in a rap vid?

Or was it J.Cole, who does some borderline Tourettes level motions

I've never been a huge Clipse fan. I'm ambivalent about Malice, who's just not as good as Pusha T, despite having a damn near identical voice. I just don't feel like he brings a lot to the table besides being "the other guy".
Pusha is a incredibly precise rapper, both in delivery and lyrics, almost to the point where I have trouble liking him. Even Rakim had a "Mahogany" in him, a song got to be a bit more human. "The Funeral" succeeds for me mostly based on the video. They're dancing in black suits You can hear the hunger in their voices, that urgency in the sampled vocals, but Pusha and Malice's hand gestures and expressions weirdly make it for me. They're almost choreographing their plans for the afterlife. The Neptunes had beats back then, trust.

Speaking of which, besides sharing Neptunes production, the vid for "Bouncin Back" similarly centres around a funeral procession. There's still a kind of redemptive joy in just being alive even when death is literally marching down the street.

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