Monday, 24 January 2011

Slept-On Records of 2010 at Passion of the Weiss: Starlito & Cotton Jones

Been quiet round these parts lately while I've been busy with school and freelancing. Recently penned some writeups on underrated albums from last year at the Passion. Here's my take on Starlito & Burn One's Renaissance Gangster, click on the quote below for the whole spiel:
After years of commercial pressure, Lito throws out punchline after punchline, his laconic drawl expertly weaving through Burn One’s warm, country-fried production. Lito carries the album without a single feature, largely. “What Was I Thinking” ably showcases Lito’s unconventional flow and writing over the same David Porter sample RZA rocked for “Duel of the Iron Mic”: “Lito Israel/they Palestine/that’s why some of his raps come off like battle rhymes.” He then refers to his red haired weed as Madeline.
Also wrote about the excellent Cotton Jones record, Tall Hours In The Glowstream. Below, a lovely performance on the record's standout song, "Somehow To Keep It Going". Serious Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazlewood vibes.

Plus: reviewed the Golden Dogs concert Thursday for Exclaim!
Spoiler: it was a fantastic gig.


  1. Renaissance Gangster was probably my favourite release last year after the first Revunue Retrievin' disc.

  2. Still haven't heard that in full, man. I'm sleeping. But "Lightweight Jamming" and "Back In Business" are nails.


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