Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Catching Up

the flow curry/opposite of a snow flurry

How dope is this El joint?

Speaking of which, been on a kinda midwest grind lately. Interviewed Twista and Elzhi for Passion of the Weiss. Both really interesting cats who put me up on a lot of Midwest history, house, the Hip Hop Shop, et al. I also spoke to Black Milk about Album of the Year for Exclaim!

An excerpt from the Twista piece about house music and Midwest rap I found especially interesting:

Do you think the tempo of house music had something to do with the Midwestern rap style?

For sure. Especially in Chicago. People don’t know this but all of my lyrics that’s considered double-time lyrics will fit over house-tempo type tracks. So if the beat is boom-boom-boom-boom-boom [Twista imitates a typical house beat], I can still do [rapping double-time] “look at the dudes owe me, dad a do do me”. It’s the perfect rhythm to fit on the same thing. So it definitely had a big influence.

I've been neglecting this spot while school's taken priority, but I've kept writing elsewhere. Let's get up to speed:

Exclaim! just put threw up their 2010 Year In Review (cop that new issue!) I threw in my thoughts on Lisbon by the Walkmen and Shad's TSOL.

Whew, think that's about it for now. Stay tuned for my own Top 25 for the year.

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