Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rob Swift - "The Architect" Review and Interview at Exclaim!

Over at Exclaim!, I've written a review of the new Rob Swift record, which is roughly themed around his explorations of classical music. I also got a chance to talk to Swift about his discovery of classical music and his late colleague, the incredible Roc Raida (you can read a slightly extended version of his Raida reminisces here). Click the excerpt below to read the whole review/interview.

His virtuoso scratching turns eerie minor note violins and driving string arrangements into startlingly effective long-form compositions. The classical influence manifests itself both in The Architect's sound, as well as its structure: "Lower Level" and record highlight "Rabia" both appear as three-part movements, and the album centres upon a number of recurring scratch and sample motifs. "Lower Level" explores more conventional turntablist territory, as Swift expertly cuts vocal samples into blaring horns and soaring strings.

I also penned a review of DJ Babu's new instrumental record, The Beat Tape Vol. 2, which you can read here.

While we're talking about Raida, his '96 DMC routine is still jawdropping. Just watch.

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  1. Rob Swift's interludes on Akinyele's Lost Tapes type cd are pretty unfuckwithable.


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