Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Popscene at Passion of the Weiss: Suede - "Suede"

Check out my newest Popscene piece over at the Passion, wherein I discover that once you get past Brett Anderson's squealing, Suede are actually pretty great. Click the excerpt below to read the whole piece.

The band’s greatest innovation was teaching a generation of U.K. bands the significance of a skilled guitarist. Butler’s crunchy guitar riffs channel both Mick Ronson and Johnny Marr without approaching pastiche, thanks to Ed Buller’s layered yet crisp production. Anderson’s lyrics largely chronicle the youthful indiscretions that came to define early 90s London youth, experiments conducted with needles (“So Young”), medication (“Sleeping Pills”) and bisexuality (“The Drowners”, “Moving”). The gentler numbers tackle more universal topics: Breakdown” is a tribute to a friend dealing with depression, while album closer “The Next Life” is a piano-led ode to an imagined escape from everyday drudgery.

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