Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Interview with yU of Diamond District at Passion of the Weiss

Did an interview with the supremely talented D.C. rapper yU for Passion of the Weiss. You might be familiar with Y from his work with DMV supergroups the Remainz crew and most recently, Diamond District, or from his excellent solo record from last year, Before Taxes. Click the excerpt of the interview below to read the whole conversation.

It seems like D.C. hip hop has only recently begun attracting attention on an international level. Where is D.C. at now?

What you’re hearing on a wide scale is about 15 to 20% of what’s going on. A lot of the greats from [D.C.] have been playing for a long time. And a lot of them were stubborn when it came down to certain advantages. A lot of them were slow to [adapt to computers], don’t really want to get online, to blogs and all that. But I guess that people are finally growing up. A lot of our music scene is really coming together now. Like Asheru, he’s been touring and putting albums out for a long time. I would see him at [D.C. hip hop club] Bar None and stuff. But for a while, certain artists weren’t dealing with the younger generation. They had talent but didn’t know what to do business-wise. But the reason you’re seeing more work come from our area is a lot of those folks now are interacting and spreading the wealth. Personally, I’m definitely trying to get with the young people now. They ask me stuff and I help them.

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