Friday, 9 October 2009

Interview with director Punit Dhesi at Hip Hop Is Read.

I interviewed Fresno-based music video director Punit Dhesi for a two-part feature over at Hip Hop Is Read. Not only is Punit one of the most creative music video directors working right now, he also graciously agreed to let me interview for the site. Here’s an excerpt of Punit talking about his genius video for Gangrene’s “Under Siege.”

AM: How did you come up with the idea for Gangrene [Alchemist and Oh No]’s “Under Siege”?
PD: I had been talking to Alchemist a lot, we had been going back and forth. He really wanted to do something for the Gangrene [project], we talked about doing the
“Therapy” video, just trying to make something happen. I went down there and stayed with him for two days. We were just sitting there and we came up with it together. We just started watching riot footage and it just came to us. I said, “Can we just put you guys in the riot footage?” I got this documentary done by ABC on the L.A. riots from the library on VHS and just ripped all the footage. Some of it is from YouTube too. I just studied it, trying to match the shots. We shot it all on green screen one day in downtown L.A.

Go to HHIR to read the whole piece in two parts.

Bonus: Punit sent me some pictures of the VHS tapes he made of the “Under Siege” video. They actually sent these cassettes out to media outlets. Check the fly shit:


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