Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Popscene Feature at Passion of the Weiss: Pulp - “His N Hers”.

I keep forgetting to post this here. Back in May, I started a new regular feature at Passion of the Weiss, called Popscene (after the Blur classic). For each Popscene piece, I discuss an album of the Britpop era that has been overlooked by North America. I’ve already written about Super Furry Animals’ Fuzzy Logic (1996) and the Auteurs’ New Wave (1993). The latest  is on Pulp’s 1993 breakthrough album, His ‘N’ Hers. Click the blurb to read the whole piece:

Their Island debut, His ‘N’ Hers, saw release the following year, and signaled Pulp’s coming-out-party.  With Leonard Cohen the clear-cut inspiration for Cocker’s sex, love and class-obsessed narratives, and Scott Walker, David Bowie and Bryan Ferry, his obvious vocal progenitors, Cocker’s myriad influences finally coalesced into a cohesive sound and vision. Meanwhile, Pulp themselves settled into a definitive and seamless blend of glam-rock, post-punk and disco.

Strong shouts to Jeff for editing my rambles into something comprehensible and entertaining.

Also: I’m not an expert on the genre, I'm discovering a lot of stuff as I go. If anyone has any suggestions for future Popscene writeups, comment or send me an email.

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