Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The 25 Best Hip-Hop Songs of 2008 at Passion of the Weiss: Bishop Lamont - "Grow Up"

I got a chance to write about the 20th best hip-hop song of the year at Passion of the Weiss. Click my writeup below to read the whole list!

Few rappers come more honest than Bishop Lamont. We learn this immediately, with “Grow Up’s” naked confession that “[Bishop]] used to think fucking up was cool until [he] didn’t pass high school.” Later, he calls out a grown-ass man with “a wife at home…wasting gas tryin’ to bust a bitch.” Sure, the entirety of his second verse kicks a typical rap-sucks-nowadays homily. But what isn’t run of the mill is how cleverly Bishop ties this to emotional immaturity. The shit talk entertains, but the way he articulates the genre’s callowness makes it stick.
Behind the boards, Dre displays what a weird head space he’s in right now, pairing a gentle guitar arpeggio to thumping claps, spacey, humming synths, and strings and harps. The result is a delicate balance between the underground and the mainstream that suits the self-proclaimed backpacker signed to Aftermath, an oxymoron if there ever was. But the real hero is Bishop, who writes his own “2nd Childhood”, a vivid portrait of how hip hop’s immaturity leads to poor lifestyle choices.. The candor is refreshing, especially in a genre where a rapper can make headlines by persistently denying his past

Shouts to Jeff for making it happen. Watch a nice live performance of "Grow Up" below:

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