Saturday, 24 November 2007

Where I Write Now: Metal Lungies

Metal Lungies is a collaborative blog that mainly covers hip hop and random pop culture that I've starting reading a few months ago.
After commenting on the blog quite a bit, the blog's creator Dj01 asked me to do a link swap. We ended up chatting on Google Talk on a regular basis and he mentioned he was having trouble finding time to write for the blog. I offered to write a guest post and he asked me to join. I'm now an official contributor for ML.
You can click the title link to see the 7 posts I put up in the last week.
I'll still be posting here occasionally but mostly I'll be using it to upload full versions of the interviews I write for The Sound of Young America's blog.
Thanks for reading so far. Stay tuned.


  1. That's sick! Congrats Aaron, seems like an excellent blog. Looks like I all ready have some reading there to catch up on.

  2. Thanks Joseph! I was really honoured to be asked to contribute.


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