Wednesday, 8 August 2007

My Favourite Webcomics

Here's a few things you should be reading if you aren't.

American Elf:
James Kochalka has been doing these autobiographical daily strips since 1998. It costs a dollar or so to browse the older comics, but check it daily. The small revelations of daily life are complemented by the simple, colourful drawings.

Octopus Pie:
Hilarious plotlines and engaging characters go with Meredith's cartoony, expressive linework. Go get on the bandwagon now while it's still pretty new!

Perry Bible Fellowship:
Fuckin' hilarious three panel gag strips. Nicholas Gurwitch is incredibly versatile, able to imitate Edward Gorey in one comic and do pixel art in the next. Very inspired by the Far Side, but with an even more warped sense of humour.

The Putrid Pal:
Delightful (there's no other word, really) all-ages comic, rendered beautifully by talented illustrator Michael Fleming (a.k.a. Tweedlebop). Something you can read with your kids too.
Go check his Flickr too, the guy's tremendously talented.

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