Monday, 12 February 2007

Why does fandom exist?

This really makes me think.
Why do people become obsessed with certain things? Celebrities, movies, brands...
Why do we as human beings feel obligated to devote our lives to someone or something that may not even be aware of our existence?
Particularly interesting is the following in technology and videogames.
Why do things like this exist?

I should now also explain that I have no particular allegiance to an videogame company or computer system.
But it perplexes me.
I think one could claim that it's filling a void in an otherwise empty life and allows people to find kinship with others who share an equal devotion to (insert object of fandom here).
But does that really explain it completely?
There even exists an entire chain of "______ Fanboy" blogs under the Weblogs Inc. Network blogs banner , devoted to every piece of news that emerges for the object of obsession.
Look for more about this in the future. I'm still confused by it myself.


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